February 20, 2017

The Urawn family in India has endured persecution from local villagers ever since they accepted Christ 10 years ago. Recently though, the persecution led to a very tragic end for one family member.

The Christian Post reports that Bartu Urawn and his wife were grabbed by village members, who tied their hands together. The couple were then forced to stand neck-deep in a freezing cold pond from 5pm until 10am – 17-hours. When they were finally pulled out of the water, the villagers then began to beat them severely. Bartu died from that beating.

The couple’s son Beneswar was also forced to watch the entire, torturous ordeal, and the eventual death of his father. The villagers wouldn’t let him bury his father in town – he, along with four friends, had to carry his father 6 miles out of town to lay him to rest.

Let’s remember to pray for the Urawns and all of our brothers and sisters in India.