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Steve Jones

Email: Click here
Nickname: Jones
Age: Yes, I have one of those.
Birthplace: Dauphin, Manitoba
Home Church: Calvary Community Church
Lifer Since: August 11, 2003
Favorite Artists: Steven Curtis Chapman, Chris Tomlin, Lincoln Brewster, Shonlock
Heroes: Superman, Spiderman...oh wait...those are super heroes...
Hobbies: Reading, watching sports, going for long walks with my family
Typical Meal: My wife spoils me and is a great cook. If I am making dinner, it usually involves a couple pieces of bread or pizza or something made by Chef Boyardee.
Dream Car: 1978 Datsun 200SX. It is a funny looking car for sure, but it was my first car and I wish I could have it back.
Dream Vacation: Scotland. I hear they have lots of castles.
Can't Miss TV Show: The Amazing Race
Favorite Quote: "You will never see the end if you give up in the middle.” Joyce Meyer
Did You Know: I used to own a University of Saskatchewan "Bunnyhug." It is what Saskatchewan people call a hoodie...seriously...

Steve Jones Video Aircheck
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