Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have repeater stations in Peterborough 89.3 and Owen Sound 90.1 and Huntsville 98.9, will you add any more?

We are not in a hurry to grow. Each of these projects came to us from the community, requesting us to expand. It is expensive and a long process. We pray over each request and if there is another viable repeater, we would certainly entertain it.

What is your signal coverage now?

West to Sauble Beach past Owen Sound, north of Huntsville to Burk's Falls, south to Highway 7 in near Toronto including Richmond Hill, Aurora, Orangeville and west to Havelock past Peterborough. We have had many listeners traveling through the GTA tell us they have listened to LIFE 100.3 on Hwy 427 and the DVP, but that is likely a rare weather condition.

Is LIFE 100.3 a commercial station or a charity organization?

Both. We have the ability to air commericals and keep the Christian audience aware of products and stores. We are also a registered charity. You can make a donation and receive a tax receipt from Trust Communications Ministries.

Can I work at LIFE 100.3?

It depends. For an on-air position we usually require previous on-air radio experience. In sales we ask for previous media selling experience. We usually hire a student with government assistance each summer.

Can I volunteer at LIFE 100.3?

Yes. We need dozens of volunteers every March for our annual Sharathon fundraiser and other community events during the year.

I am a musician and made a CD - will you play it?

Yes, if it fits the format. The first thing we look for is production quality. The CD must be produced in a professional studio so it matches the rest of the international music we play. Secondly, the artist must be a publicly professing Christian. Our listeners expect to hear songs by Christians who are bold about their faith. Thirdly, the lyrics must line up with the Bible and our mission statement.

For additional questions, contact Scott Jackson.