Scott Jackson

Email: Click here
Facebook profile: Scott on facebook
Birthplace: Toronto
Home Church: Living For Jesus Outreach Ministries, Orillia
Lifer Since: February 1998
Favorite Artists: Geoff Moore, The Rolling Stones, Handsome and Gretyl
Spiritual Heroes John Bevere, Dusty Rhodes
Radio Heroes: Don Shafer, Bob Augsburg, Scott Carpenter.
Meal Preferences: My daughter's pulled pork.
Medical Issues Restless Leg Syndrome mixed with clinical depression
Wardrobe Requirements: Pocket squares, bracelets and neck chains.
Extra-Curricular Activities: The Gym
Spare Time: Managing Luke Langman and Tom Roe
My Time: Playing percussion for anyone, anywhere, anytime
Ink: "The walls are down, I'm just what you see here, I'm inside out."