Being a little more mindful

For the first time in my life, I can call myself a hockey parent! My wife and I signed up our oldest for hockey this year, but it wasn’t easy. When he first mentioned that he wanted to play, we were immediately worried about the costs involved from league fees to all the necessary equipment. However, after praying about it, the costs ended up not being such a big deal thanks to friends who had some extra equipment. It’s that kindness that will leave a lasting impression going forward, especially when you know that there are no conditions.

One of the Bible studies that have really stood out to me this year has been the book of Titus, and it touches on how we need to do good for the sake of the gospel. It’s easy to tear others down, especially when we don’t have a personal connection with them, but how is that going to help promote the gospel, when the person on the receiving end now has a negative impression of you and what you stand for?

In Titus 2, it talks about how we need to teach one another to be worthy of respect, self-controlled and sound in faith in all that we say and do. Through acts of kindness, we cannot be condemned, and those who are opposed to us will be ashamed because they have nothing bad to say about us.

So as we head towards the end of 2021, and things are slow to improve, why not take the approach of kindness, instead of the easy route of complaining and putting others down.