Mike Poirier

Nickname: Poirier or MP
Age: 30
Birthplace: Kitchener, Ontario
Lifer Since: October 2015
Favourite Artists: tobyMac, Disciple, Skillet
Heroes: Batman
Addictions: Anything competitive…sports, board games, eating, etc.
Hobbies: Playing board games, collecting hockey jerseys, and airplane spotting.
Typical Meal: This is tough because I love almost all food, but I can't turn down poutine or seafood.
Hidden Talent: Know how to make the perfect steak.
Dream Car: 1997 Corvette
Dream Vacation: St. Maarten
Can't Miss TV Show: HNIC, Amazing Race and Masterchef
Favourite Quote: "Keep your stick on the ice" –Red Green
Did You Know: Mike stood in the jet blast of a Boeing 757 on the famous Maho Beach, and walked away.