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Chris Wineland – The Great Heckle

If you’ve written Jesus off in your life, then you don’t really know who He is.In this groundbreaking recounting of the gospel story, comedian and author Chris Wineland combines the pop culture of today’s world with the historical evidence of Jesus Christ. Using elements from every great comedian, Chris likens the core of a performer to that of Jesus in a simple declaration: Jesus is the greatest Performer ever to live. Jesus was the greatest storyteller, truth-seeker, improviser, and system disrupter this world has ever seen. Taking a step back from the culture of today’s church, this book abandons the church lingo and re-discovers the truth of Jesus’ life in a way that helps anyone relate, especially comedians and performers. Whether you have no knowledge about God at all, or you used to attend church, this book lays out the foundation of the creative gospel of Jesus Christ. More from Chris HERE.

The Get-up & Go Show
The Get-up & Go Show
Chris Wineland - The Great Heckle