CDC: (Christian Disaster Control)

Have you ever watched one of those end of the world movies? It’s crazy watching those crazy theatrical things happen, those movies can be quite the rollercoaster ride of emotions. 

This past year and a bit had felt like one of those movies eh? Like one that has so many twists that you kind of lose track of the whole plot of the movie. In some of those movies disaster strikes, organizations like the military or the CDC come in and try to contain and deal with the situation. For me in the past year it has been a journey to learn how to contain and control it all. I’m sure you can relate, I mean what else can we do when every week there’s a new thing? I may have just the solution!! 

Something I’ve found that has helped me be the CDC with my life, is keeping as close to God as possible. I’ve been a Christian my whole life but that journey of really diving in didn’t start until about 4-5 years ago. For me it took some heavy situations for me to really start relying on God. Which by the way I don’t recommend waiting until then, it will save you a lot of stress. But I’ve found the more I’ve included God in my life in prayer and in worship, it’s been easier to deal with things like covid, loss and tragedy. It doesn’t make it all go away but including the one who knows it all, can and will help you to contain and control, however many plot twists happen in our lives. 

Keep pushing, Keep moving forward, Never give up. 


Shake’N Jake