Walking By Faith

Our church has been going through Romans, and right now focusing on faith. Particularly in Romans 4 how Abraham was considered righteous before God because of faith and not actions. It pointed out the fact he was credited with righteousness before being given the sign of circumcision and being called out.

Did you see that? His outward actions didn’t made him righteous, but his faith in God did.

In our worship service group, we talked about how we need to walk by faith… How we have those mountain top and valley experiences. It came to mind that sometimes we downplay the mountain top experiences because we don’t want to get complacent – which is understandable – but it occurred to me that God was saying we need those mountain top experiences to appreciate them because we have those valleys.

Imagine if we only had the valleys and never a mountain top? Would that inspire us? Of course not. But no matter where we are, in the valley or on the mountain in our faith, we need to walk by faith that God is leading us!

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