What do you believe?

Belief is an extremely powerful force. I have watched people believe things that no one else could see, but they knew they could do, and you know what, they ended up doing those things. I also have, unfortunately, in the past, believed negative things, and just by believing them, they started to shape my life in a negative way.

Do you know what’s interesting about both of those scenarios? Both of them started the same way. There was no physical proof of something succeeding or something going wrong, but it was the belief that shaped the future.

Let me ask you a question, what are you believing? What self-imposed limitations are you trapped underneath? What things do you think about yourself, the ceiling on your ability, or where you feel you can’t possibly go?

I remember going on a walk with someone years ago, we were talking about running, and they said, “Man, 3 km’s that’s my limit. I can’t run more than that.” Did you hear that? I can’t. I straight up told them that wasn’t true. Why? Well, because I know they didn’t have any health conditions, so the human body, for the vast majority, can run more than 3 km’s. See, it was their belief that was preventing them from doing so. Long story short, they called me months later and said, “Oh my goodness, I just ran 5km!” How exciting is that! Then they ran 10, and thought, “Well, if I can do 10, what’s 15?” This year, they have their sights set on a half marathon which is over 20 km’s. That’s almost ten times the original amount they thought was their cap.

Let me ask you that question one more time: What self-imposed limitations are you living underneath? Did culture teach you that? Did your parents? Did your employer? Do you know what’s important, friends? What God says, and what you believe deep down inside.

If you believe, if you must, you will.