What Do I Do?

What’s do I do?

Whether you are 18 or 28, I’m sure you’ve run into crossroad moments. It might have been related to a relationship (romantic or friendship) or a career choice. Or maybe you’re feeling the weight of all that you are dealing with. Whatever it was, it’s never easy to make a big choice like that. But could it be in the future?

Feeling overwhelmed is never fun and if you and I could find a way to not feel like that, it would be a no brainer right? But what could that one thing be to help us get through those situations and make the right decisions? Well almost 2 months ago everything I have been dealing with kind of came to a head. I was super overwhelmed and honestly I was feeling so sick mentally, emotionally and physically. I didn’t know what to do next, and so right there in that moment I gave it all to God. I knew that I needed to start building my relationship more with God. So I started digging into my Bible every day, reading a Psalm in the morning and at night, listening to a bunch of worship, praying more and watching sermons online.

Now did doing all that make all of my problems go away or help me lean towards making the right decisions right away? No not right away, but do you know what building our relationship with God does do? The more that we talk to him and include him in our lives, the more that we grow stronger and have that guidance to make those right choices.

So what is the big answer? With God we don’t have to carry the full weight of the situations in our lives. He WILL guide us when we ask, He WILL gives us strength when we need it. But we have to make that choice, He will never force his hand on us.

Keep Pushing, Keep Moving Forward, Never Give Up


Shake’N Jake