You Can’t Stop God

When we hear on the news and social media about protests for one thing or another, can we keep one thing in mind? God’s plans cannot be stopped no matter what happens on the earth!

Over and over again in the scriptures, we are told that God has a plan and we need to trust it. Isaiah 46:10 says: “Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times, things not yet done, saying My counsel shall stand, and I will accomplish all my purpose.”

In a time when many people think it’s awful that the government is telling us what to do, we can recall another time in the Bible where the government was less than friendly and accommodating to public opinion.

It was the time in Luke chapter 2 when the rulers over the land of Israel told everyone to return to their city of birth for a census. It did not matter to them if it interrupted your business, if you were too old, or even if you were pregnant! You had to do what the government asked.

If that happened today, there would be a massive outcry of oppression and injustice! But it was a different time.

I think we can take courage and inspiration from the fact that, even in a time like THAT, God was moving to show his love for us! As a matter of fact, He gave us the most precious thing He could.

Jesus was born in the MIDDLE of an oppressive time! It did not matter what was happening politically. God’s plan moved ahead.

We have forgiveness and salvation available to us TODAY because of what Jesus did for us.

Nothing can stop what God wants to do, the only limits are the limits of our faith.

The good news is we can grow in faith! We can grow closer to God!

It’s a great time to do that.

– Todd Gale